Medicaid Application: Can You Apply for Medicaid Online?

In today’s society, having no health insurance at all will seem like trekking the Sahara desert with no water or climbing a 500 wall with no safety equipments. Health insurance is considered to be a man’s modern day life saver. So, why are there so many people out there who don’t have any form of health insurance?

The answer to this is quite simple. Either they don’t want one or they simply just can’t afford the premiums that private insurance companies offer their clients. Because of this problem, thousands of Americans don’t get the proper medical care they need. The fact that medical care is very expensive nowadays, you too would have problems paying for it if the need arises. In fact, even people with decent income got into debt because of high medical bills.

So, what if you are one of the low level income individuals who find it hard to even pay the rent or purchase even the simplest food? If ever you or a member of your family needs medical care, you would definitely have problems paying for the medical bills.

This is why the state and federal government offer a health insurance program designed for low income individuals just like you. This health insurance program is called Medicaid.

First of all, Medicaid is a state and federal government funded health insurance program that provides free health insurance for individuals or families with low income levels. In the past, Medicaid concentrated purely on low income families and the needy. However, over the years and because of the constant changes in the Medicaid eligibility rules and requirements in every state, children living with low income families, the elderly and the disabled may now become eligible for Medicaid.

You have to remember that although this program is created by the federal government, the state government are the ones that decides who is eligible for this health care program.

However, the eligibility rules and requirements set by the state government are always in accordance with the standards set by the federal government.

Applying for Medicaid is quite easy. Today, thanks to the internet, you can even do it online. Medicaid online application can prove to be convenient as you don’t actually have to go to the nearest department that provides Medicaid, whether it is next door or miles away from your home. All you need to do is visit the website of the Medicaid program your state have and click on apply online.

The step-by-step online application will provide you with all the necessary instructions to successfully apply for Medicaid. Also, the great thing about it is that you will have a chance to take a closer look at the eligibility rules and requirements regarding the Medicaid program offered in your state.

This means that you don’t actually have to travel just to know whether you are eligible or not. All you have to do is fill in the blanks, email your application and wait for a reply from the department responsible for handling Medicaid application in your state.

However, you have to remember that you will need to provide proof of your income level. This will require you to mail it to the department responsible for handling your Medicaid application. Once the process is complete, all you need to do is wait for your identification card to be mailed to your home. This is what you will show to hospitals, pharmacy and other health institutions in order to get the benefits that Medicaid offers.

138 Responses to Medicaid Application: Can You Apply for Medicaid Online?

  • Melissa Mae Miller says:

    My kids are on Medicaid and I need medicaid for myself I have to have surgery for Endometriosis could you please help me get it?

  • melissa defina says:

    ok so where is the app at i cant find it this is not helpful

  • ODELL H BEAM says:


  • Salina Green says:

    Why do they claim that you can apply online for medicaid, but every link I go to has nothing to do with filling out an application. Can anyone please tell me where to get the application online (for Texas).

  • Michelle says:

    you say we can apply for medicaid online but there is no link can you help me

  • tina hill says:

    please send me a web site so i can apply for medicald for free on line. i dont have a ride and cant afford to pay for an application

  • tiffany craven says:

    how can i reply for medicaid online

  • I am just geuing out of prison and in need of healthcare insurance due to my diabetes and high blood pressure and high cholesterol and in dying need of healthcare coverage and i also have a mental condition which prevents me from working any type of job so can you please help me with this issue

  • Angie says:

    could you please send me the website to apply for medicaid online, thanks!

  • mary taylor says:

    i oversee a person that’s very ill he need medicad, he is in rehab. he is not coming around at all due to his sickness. he can’t afford what they want and he can’t leave without the proper care to see after him with diabetes, conjestic heart failure an poor circulation,need oxygen. please let me know how and medicad can help with his sickness.

  • Rebecca Watts says:

    I need to apply for medicaid for my son who is 6 yrs old. He has adhd and I would like to get the form to fill out online for him. Cause I don’t have a car to get to the office. Please help me.

  • Maria says:

    Here is the website for Michigan

  • If you are not sure that you qualify for Medicaid, sitting down with a qualified Elder Law attorney can be worth the investment.

  • albert persaud says:

    kindly send me a link so that I can do an online application for medicaid for myself and spouse.
    thanks albert.

  • marlene mele says:

    Will someone please leave the e-mail addres for an application for medicaid… my aunt is in need of this service and her daughter lives out of state…she is visiting with my aunt presently, and I would like to mail her an application as soon as possible before she needs to leave for home. They do not have a computer, so I would need to be able to print the application and send it to my aunt in Chicago, Illinois.

    Thank you for all your help!

    Marlene Mele

  • Aleshia says:

    please send me the online application for medicaid because i need to get doctor check ups and my be pregnant.

  • brandy says:

    please send me info. on how to apply for medicaide online in Alabama.

  • Christi Jones says:

    Please send the website for medicaid so I might apply and get to the doctore for much needed medical care. Thanks

  • Francia says:


  • Tiquanna says:

    I just turned 19 in May. I would love to have medicaid. I was once a medicaid applicant but i was cut off due to my age. i now have no health insurance. i would like to re-apply and see if i am eligible for medicaid again. please read this and take consideration for me and my wish.

    Thank you,
    have a great day

  • michelle says:

    heres where to apply for medicaid in texas

  • lucious harrison says:

    i need help with my hospital and doctor bills i havnt worked since april 19th 2011 i have tried every thing i no iam still under the doctor could someone help me find some charity to help with these bills

  • deborah anders says:

    i just completed all the questions. i currently have medi-cal but not medicare or medi-medi. i’m trying to get help either payinf for my nec. meds or possibly getting them for free. can you help me?

  • melinda m cohn says:

    I have just applied SS Disability, and my atty said I should apply for medicade, he said I can do it on line..i am epileptic and have bi-polar and no one will insure me and if they would i can not afford insurance since i do not work

  • Adela says:

    I need to apply for medicaid online for my 12 year old daughter and myself. Please send me a link to do so. I also lost my green card and it takes over a year to get a new one but I have my alien number. Will that be enough?

  • kimberly says:

    i really need to know if there is a way i can apply online, im six weeks pregnant with no insurance. i need to see an OB/GYN asap


  • Joshua says:

    I am a type 2 diabetic and i have just moved to Arizona a month ago . I am looking for work but currently have no income. Is it possible to get medicaid even though i only have lived here for a month?

  • Ashley Howard says:

    Please send me the Medicaid form I’m 25 weeks pregnant and need help I have no insurance and not working thanks

  • ana says:

    hi guys go to and apply for evrything

  • GiGi Reese says:

    My sister lives in Charlotte N.C. and is 56 years of age. She has been unemployed for 2 years now without medical insurance. She said that she was told by our Medicaid Offices that she doesn’t qualify for Medical Health Insurance assistance through Medicaid because she is not disabled or doesn’t have children. Her unemployment will be running out within the next months and she has been applying for jobs without success. Surely Medicaid can assist her with her health insurance until she finds a job!

  • Gayle Huff says:

    Please tell me where I can apply for medicaid on line and through the mail. I also need to apply for dissability.

  • leticia says:

    can i get medicaid for my mum who is on a short visit for an emergency health issue

  • James Hicks says:

    Please send medicaid application asap

  • Nancy Nelson says:

    I too need the link for Medicaid

  • Nanette Pederson says:

    Hello, I would appreciate further info. on filling for medicaid online. thank you

  • Charlie says:

    Please send me the online medicaid appliction so I can apply for my family and I. Thank you

  • alice F. Hall says:

    Need application for Medicaid on line application that I can download immediately. Urgent request

  • Nikki Harris says:

    My parents are low income and until recently were paying for private insurance – however their expenses have gone up and they need to find other options….my mother has lupus and needs to get regular checks but online does not seem to offer options to apply – can you advise a website to apply online or any other helpful information to assist with getting coverage, would be grealy appreciated!

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