Does Medicaid offer Mental Health Services?

For many people on Medicaid there is a need to see a mental health professional to assist in the every day functioning of life.  Regardless of if this service is viewed as necessary by some of the general public, the government believes it is their responsibility to care for everyone that suffers from these conditions.  The following information is documented on the government’s official site for Medicare and Medicaid services:
“Medicaid is the single largest payer for mental health services in the United States – providing services and supports for 58 million adults and children. In 2006, the Medicaid as a whole (including physical as well as mental health expenditures) provided more than a quarter trillion dollars of health care funding ($241B), or about one sixth of the Nation’s health care spending and nearly half of spending on long-term care.”
If you are in need of mental health services through Medicaid you should contact the state office for Medicaid where you reside.  Each state has their own coverage rules and laws and will be more than willing to assist in sifting through the policies.  Getting help today can make sure that you have a much better tomorrow with the help of Medicaid.

2 Responses to Does Medicaid offer Mental Health Services?

  • sharry graves says:

    I think this is very important. I am on disabilty and having health issues. Its hard enough if you are working and have insurance. I am trying too find and ortopedic surgeon that will accept the medicaid and on top of that i have a high spenddown that takes away from my income Iam on the mediplan card.

  • PsychOfficeMgr says:

    The State of Georgia Medicaid program only offers mental health coverage for people to the age of 20. Adults, apparently are not valued as much as children. (The Federal Mental Health Parity law allows governmental and government affiliated insurances to ‘opt out’ of conformity with the law. Many State employee insurance programs have also done so and offer very limited and expensive mental health coverage.) Many of the fee-based CMOs offered by Georgia Medicaid do have coverage, but it depends on the policy as to what is covered.

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