Medicare Part D: When You Will Receive the $250 Donut Hole Payment

In the middle of June 2010 the Federal Government will begin issuing a one time $250 payment to all seniors using Medicare in the “donut hole”.  This payment will help to close the coverage gap so that you can possibly afford all of the medical coverage that is necessary.  Here are a few things you should know about your Medicare Part D supplementary payment.

  1. There are no taxes due on your $250 stimulus payment, this is a one time payment to help you close the donut hole.  If someone is telling you that you have to pay taxes on this payment they are dead wrong, there is nothing due from you.
  2. You should receive this payment once you reach the coverage gap and if you reach it after the program has begun you should receive a payment within 45 days. 
  3. There is nothing for you to fill out and you don’t have to contact anyone to get this payment initiated.  This payment will automatically be sent to you and there is nothing that you have to do to make sure that it is done.

This payment is simply to help you reach the coverage gap, it is not a payment for you to rely on in the future as it is not schedule to ever happen again.

19 Responses to Medicare Part D: When You Will Receive the $250 Donut Hole Payment

  • ABDOOL SAID says:

    Did I receive this money for June already.

  • Megan says:

    This $250 “close the gap” payment is a joke. It is as if the government is teasing the seniors with this money. Even by saying that they shouldn’t rely on it in the future. This is hurting more rather than helping. The ones in charge that proposed this “solution” or “quick-fix,” do they realize that $250 can barely cover one month’s supply of a brand name drug? Probably not, because they have never worked in a pharmacy. And their relatives that are old enough to have Medicare D plans and that DO fall into the donut-hole are probably not the ones who really NEED this to stop. Visit Smalltown, USA people! Sit inside a pharmacy (retail or chain) and just watch the crestfallen expressions on these seniors’ faces when they hear that their medicine for their kidney transplant is more than they have had in their bank account since retirement. How come they are the ones being punished for our nations lack of concern? When will the government realize that they are crippling their own people? And how come the seniors of the nation have to be the ones hit the hardest? These are just my opinions and thoughts about a solution to a system that is destined to fail unless something drastic changes. And when I say drastic, I’m not talking about universal healthcare, which is just another one of the “quick-fixes” they think they than thrust upon us because THEY have the power and ability to do it. That is all.

  • adela del valle says:

    I would like to know if I am qualified to receive the stimulus payment for coverage gap,I was enrolled in medicare prescription savings plan,Part D. I am happy to received some news and knowledge from you

  • Cassandra Stepp says:

    It is now July 15, and I haven’t received this Donut Hole Payment yet, When should I expect it?And will it be in the form of a check, or direct deposit?

  • Mary says:

    I have the Medicare Part D, but I have never Yet received the $250.00 Donut Hole Payment. It’s already August 2010!!
    I wonder how many others like myself have not received this??

  • Gary Maddox says:

    it has been over 45 days since I went into the Gap and have not seen my check for $250. SS # 515-34-3888
    Please Advicse

  • Daryl Wynn says:

    I started getting Medicare June 1st, 2010 because I went on disability in March. I am 64 until November 2010. It is August 21st and I haven’t received my DONUT HOLE check. Should I receive one or not? D Wynn

  • lorenzo w keyes says:

    if i have not received this payment already, does this mean i will noy get it? thank you.

  • Linwood R. Smith says:

    I have been payiing for all my drugs since July. No payment yet.

  • Mary says:

    I’ve Never Yet Received the $250.00 Payment for the Donut Hole.
    When I purchased the Part D of Medicare; I was Told there was No Gap, and No Donut Hole in the coverage I purchased!!

    I wrote the person’s name, date & time of conversation when I purchased the Part D Coverage.
    Obviously I was given Incorrect Information from some one who was Not knowledgable at all.

    Has Anyone else been told this when purchasing the Medicare Part D coverage?

  • Mary says:

    Has anyone yet Received this $250. stimulus payment?
    I’m over 65 w/part D. Never yet received the stimulus payment.
    Just curious.
    Thanks for reading my question.

  • milton ledwig says:

    i have not received my $250 payment as of november 15th 2010

  • Olivia G. Lawler says:

    I reached the coverage gap before the end of September, and I have not received my payment as of November 17.

  • Thomas W. Pigeon says:

    Entered the “donut hole” in September and as of today 12/11/10 have not received the $250 stimulus payment. It is obliviously more than 45 days since I entered the “hole” and have paid the full amount of my name brand drugs for 4 months! When will I receive this stimulus payment?

    Thank you for your effort in checking as to why I have not received the money.

    Thomas Pigeon
    1162 Shaire Lane
    Green Bay, WI

  • Sara Scott says:

    I am afraid that my $250 stimulus check, for help to me for when I entered the Medigap, was mistakenly destroyed. Could you please advise as to how I can recover the $250 stimulus payment.

  • Dorothy Trudgian says:

    I fell in the donut hole in Nov. I have not received my $250. check. What do I do to get it? Thank you

  • Dorothy Trudgian says:

    Please answer. I fell in the hole in Nov. How do I get my check. No one I contact seems to know what to do and I do not get an answer from you. PLEASE ANSWER

  • taxes due says:

    You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story

  • Margaret K. Parker says:

    My husband, Ellis R. Parker, Jr. was in the cov gap in April, and has not received the $250 check yet. Is there a way to find out when this might occur. His insulin alone went from $88 per month to over $400 per month. Thank you.

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