Medicare Diabetic Supplies: The Medical Supplies Covered By Medicare for Diabetics

As a person who is diabetic, you know that you need special devices in order for you to properly monitor your blood glucose levels. This is essential in managing the diabetes disease effectively and helps you live a more normal and fulfilling life as well as preventing complications that is associated with diabetes.

If you have Medicare, you will want to know about the coverage it provides for diabetics. Basically, you will see that the Medicare Part B will be able to cover different kinds of equipments that is specially designed for use for diabetics.

Part of the coverage is the blood glucose monitors, which will test the amount of glucose in your blood; test strips, which you will use to put a sample of your blood in to test in the blood glucose monitor; and it will also include lancets that you will use to puncture your skin in order to draw the blood sample to be tested.

If you have Medicare and is a diabetic, then you will be able to take advantage of this benefit. Even if you are a non-insulin or insulin user, you will still qualify for the coverage that Medicare provides for diabetics.

In order to get your supplies, you need to get a prescription from your doctor. The prescription should state that you have been diagnosed with the disease, the amount of test strips and lancets you need every month, and what kind of glucose meter you need. You will see that there is a special meter designed for people who have vision problems. Also, the prescription should state whether you are an insulin user or not and the frequency on how you test your blood sugar.

These are the things that are covered under Medicare for diabetes. So, if you have this disease and you are covered by Medicare, you can be sure that you will be able to properly manage it with the help of Medicare by providing you with blood glucose monitoring equipments.

2 Responses to Medicare Diabetic Supplies: The Medical Supplies Covered By Medicare for Diabetics

  • chris lubawski says:

    Where can you get a voice blood glucose meter for a blind disabled client on medicaid/medicare in Illinois?

  • Donna says:

    I was told I had to pay $25.00 for my glucose testing meter, even if I was on Medicare and Tricare for life

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