The Scooter Store Medicare Fraud – a Brief History

The Scooter Store is the nation’s largest provider of powered mobility, which includes electric wheelchairs and scooters. Founded by Doug Harrison, the company has recently battled Medicare over allegations that it committed fraud or abused the Medicare system.


The Scooter Store has filed counterclaims against Medicare and the Federal government. Below are a few links regarding The Scooter Store and its battles with Medicare:

Here are a few more links relating to the Scooter Store, the power mobility industry and the battles against fraud:


4 Responses to The Scooter Store Medicare Fraud – a Brief History

  • Hem Chaudhuri says:

    The Scooter Store, in its TV ads, targets senior citizens and brags about getting them free wheelchairs through Medicare. It always sounded like a scam to me. Now that I am about to turn 65, I got a letter in the mail from the Scooter Store about how it can help getting a wheelchair for me. I threw away the letter in anger, but today’s Headline News confirmed a report that Medicare has been paying heavily for wheelchairs. There are dishonest senior citizens who get companies like the Scooter Store to give then free wheelchairs even if they do not need it at all. There are dishonest doctors who certify such dishonest seniors, too. So, Medicare should fully investigate before granting money.

  • lsdy Viola says:

    THE SCOOTER STORE IN IRVING/DALLAS TEXAS.The people that works in this store or company are lierst Sue Greene and Linda Brown are liers. So is La Nett.They promish to get you the right power chair for what your needs are and in stead, they take it upon them self to get you a power chair that is so big in size, that it will not fix threw the doors way of your home, some over size chair that they don’t use, but have in the stock., then have it delivey to your home. is a tottal rip off. They gave me a jazzy 614D that over size too big, KING KONG size chair, that the front tireds get stuck in door ways, takes 30 mintues to try to move it around and out, La nett told me over three weeks ago she would get me another smaler chair, that another lie, it is now June 24, 2010 and still no power chair.

  • Robert Jaffe MD says:

    I am impressed by the number of overweight patients who see Scooter Store ads and feel entitled to bill Medicare fo a free electric chair.

    What are the Medicare guildelines that entitle a patient to these machines? The guildelines for scooters are nebulous. If the scooter store is writing the guildelines, who is watching out for Medicare fraud?

  • Mobility scooters has a lot of advantage I believe. Aside from it is more affordable than having a car, it also can be a nice mode of transportation.

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