Medicaid Electric Wheelchair Coverage: Information about Medical Equipments and Medicaid

If you are having problems with mobility then you will most liekly need an electric wheelchair to do your daily activities. However, you have to consider the fact that not all people can afford such equipments.

If you have Medicaid, then you will see that this healthcare program provided by the state and federal government of the United States will be able to help you out in terms of financing the purchase of the equipment.

However, you need to understand that before you purchase the wheelchair, you have to remember that Medicaid will only cover the expenses if you buy the wheelchair from an approved supplier. According to the Durable Medicaid Equipments or DME, not all suppliers of electric wheelchair will be able to bill Medicaid. However, by keeping the receipt, you will be able to reimburse part of the expense when you brought the electric wheelchair.

In order to become covered, you have to be legally disabled and your doctor should prescribe you the equipment.

As you can see, it is quite easy to be covered by Medicaid when you need an electric wheelchair. However, you have to remember that not all types of Medicaid will be able to cover the full cost of buying the electric wheelchair. You will also need to pay for a part of the expense.

So, if you are under Medicaid and that you are in need of electric wheelchair to make life easier for you to live, you will see that Medicaid will be able to share the cost of buying the equipment or if you are under the managed care plan, you will see that Medicaid will be able to cover all the cost.

19 Responses to Medicaid Electric Wheelchair Coverage: Information about Medical Equipments and Medicaid

  • Gwendolyn Thomas says:

    I have a client who receives medicaid. Please send information on requirements for an electric wheelchair

  • Sherry Burrows says:

    I have a friend with a developmental disability who uses an electric wheelchair. I understand he can apply to get it replaced after 5 years. There is a question if there is justification for another electric wheelchair if he is not 100% independent in using his chair. He requires assistance around sidewalks with drop off curbs but is independent in his home and on flat areas. Where can I find this out?


    need help getting a scooter or a power chair lost left leg and can not get around. i only have medicaid if you can help please email to and talk to joan she is helping me. her phone number is 352-472-5300. thank you jim crocker


    I have brittle bone disorder. I recently feel two foot and sustained a four point fracture and nearly lost my lower left leg. I can not afford the loss of a limb.

  • Miranda Smith says:

    I have a client that is disabled and is on Medicaid. Please advise how to get the wheelchair covered. Also please supply a list of qualified Medicaid supplier.My client lives in Flint MI

  • Randi says:

    I am an ombudsman in a nursing home. I have a resident with ms whos wheelchair is broken. He is on medicaid. Can he get a new electric wheelchair covered under medicaid. The nursing home says no.

  • karen weist says:

    i have 3 different spinal diseases, plus and i am on medicaid.
    will i need a Dr approval to get 1 or not. being i can hardly walk
    and he has said that he will not go for 1 cause he want’s me to continue to try to walk. and i do but..i am now also trying for disability..and my case should be coming up soon.
    so i guess my ? is can i over ride my Dr’s decission or not..
    cause he said for the 2nd part that there is to much paper work invoulved

  • Carl Malkemus says:

    I have pinched nerves in my lower back, arthritis and diabetes. for me to walk more than 100 feet iI have to sit down and rest for around five min before I can continue. So i’m pretty much homebound, my pain prevents me to go just about anywhere except to the grocery store or walmart. If there isn’t a wheelchair available for customer use I can not go. It also prevents me from going anywhere with my family which in turn it also keeps them from going because I can’t go. So if you can help in any way I would greatly appreacieate any help you can offer. thank you and god bless

  • ms. wilkerson says:

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and my knees hurt aftera short distance in walking. Can u email me information on how i might can get a scooter and who I might can get one from. They have declared me disabled and I have Medicaid.

  • Henry shepherd says:

    can you send me an address to write medicaid in Aurora, Illinois so I can receive a motor wheelchair for my dad.

  • Delicia Nary says:

    I am the Social Services Director of Heritage Healthcare of Franklin and I have a patient who is a quadraplegic (this is a new injury and happened about 3 1/2 months ago) he will be returning home on July 8, 2010 and will need an electric wheelchair with a mouth piece to operate it. Will you please email me any helpful information.

  • Julie says:

    I am disabled by SS doctors. But I do not get a check at all. I have medicaid but seem to have fallen between the cracks, please send info to help me get a power chair. ASAP PLEASE.

  • Angela Collins says:

    I have a 60 year old amputee mother that stays in a nursing home and has medicaid insurance in virginia. Can you please send me information on how we can get an electric wheelchair for her?

  • T Kazee says:

    My mother received a motorized wheelchair when she was living on her own. Medicaid paid for it. She recently went to a nursing facility temporarily due to some health issues, she will eventually be moving to an assisted living facility but we have to wait until there is an opening and funding…Her battery went dead and the supplier said that Medicaid wont cover the battery because she is in a nursing facility. Why is that?

  • Ruth Daniels says:

    I have a client who is in need of a motorized wheelchair his only source of income is medicaid. Can you send me requirements in attempts to make this happen.

    Is all purchases paid then reimbursed.

  • Debbie Goodrich says:

    My mom is disabled, has severe balance issues and just broke her leg. She continues to fall regularly anywhere in the house, flat surfaces and all. She broke her leg simply picking up her oxygen hose from the floor. She significantly needs help and feels that her medical program will not help her at all. She is considering moving into a halfway house just so she can move around. This will mentally kill her. She just wants to live in her house and be able to get around and have some relief, liberation. Please help her. She says that her doctor cannot help her to get a chair like this because she has either medicare or medicaid or something like that. She is also AARP. Obviously, between this article and another one about medicare, she CAN get a chair and have it at least half covered, if not completely.


  • Dawn Dawson says:

    My friend is in Fl, and is on Medicaid and is quadrapalegic. He is in need of a power wheelchair that can support his whole body. Will Medicaid cover this for him?

  • Liz says:

    We are an electric scooter company that builds & provides scooters that have been combined with coolers. A wonderful conveinent scooter! We are looking on becoming certified for medicad & medicare to distribute our scooters to those disabled. We are looking for any informartion on how to obtain certification to provide our scooters as an assistance mobility device


    my mother n law has bad legs.dont know exactly what the name of her condition is but they are f times the size they should be it takes 6 hours a day to drees the w medication and gauze.doctors are thinkin of removin both legs..she is on medicade and denied once befor foor a eletric chair..she needs one more than ever she cant get around by walking is there is any way to help her please call lisa langford at 205~331~6882

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