How Much Does a Power Wheelchair Cost?

Once your doctor has completed all of the necessary paperwork for an electric wheelchair and the medical equipment supply company has agreed that you are a qualifying candidate, it’s time to work out any financial obligations. The medical equipment supply company you work with will submit your claim to Medicare for reimbursement.

No matter where you reside in the United States, Medicare should pay 80 percent of the allowable price for your electric wheelchair once you are approved. The allowable price will vary by state, chair type and accessories ordered. The average electric wheelchair will have a price of $4800-$6500.

If you have a secondary or supplemental insurance to Medicare, it may pay the additional 20% co-payment, depending on if they are contracted with the medical supply company you have chosen to work with and if they have coverage for power operated vehicles. Not all secondary or supplemental insurance companies will offer this benefit and some may not be contracted with the company you have chosen to provide your electric wheelchair.

If for some reason your co-payment is not covered by your secondary or supplemental insurance company, or you simply do not have supplemental insurance, you may be responsible to pay the co-payment at the time your electric wheelchair is delivered. Some larger companies like The Scooter Store offer non-interest payment plans to help you pay out your co-payment over time. Other companies will expect you to pay at delivery or they will not deliver it.

Depending on your income situation, some companies may be able to waive your co-payment. This is normally reserved only for households that fall below federal government poverty and income guidelines.

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