Utah Medicaid Programs & Benefits Explained

Medicaid is a nationwide program that is administered not only by the federal government but also the government of each individual state. Types of assistance programs and eligibility requirements vary from state to state. Utah Medicaid is administered by the Utah Department of Health.

At your local Medicaid office, you can fill out an application and find out more about the eligibility requirements and verifications you’ll need to provide before your application can be processed. You will also be assigned a case worker who will serve as your point of contact regarding your Medicaid application and/or coverage.

There are Medicaid programs for children and Medicaid programs for adults. Children whose parents meet income requirements can qualify for one of the various programs. Medicaid for Newborns is a program for children from birth to age six whose parents meet the income requirements.

Newborn Plus is for children ages six to eighteen, which certainly are not newborns but do fall under this category. There is also a program for children between the ages of six and eighteen who do not qualify for traditional Medicaid coverage. Other children who may qualify for Utah Medicaid are those in foster or adoptive care and children with special needs.

There are also programs for adults, including pregnant women. Pregnant women who meet the requirements can get coverage for their entire pregnancy and sixty days after. Other adults who may qualify for Medicaid are senior citizens, blind and/or otherwise disabled individuals, and individuals who require special care. There are also programs for families who cannot afford medical insurance or their medical expenses. Families must meet federal criteria for deprivation of support. This may include single parents or parents whose spouses do not work due to disability.

If you want to apply for Utah Medicaid, go to your local Medicaid office. The case worker assigned to you will answer all your questions, explain coverage details, let you know what verifications you will need to provide and teach you how to use the program if you are approved. While you are there, you can ask about other state programs such as Food Stamps if you need to.

10 Responses to Utah Medicaid Programs & Benefits Explained

  • Wendy Barton says:

    I am currently on disability medicare with medicare also. I have been trying to fond an orginization that can help me understand the process of going back to work part time. I cannot afford to loose my bennefits and so I am afraid to start working a few hours a week. Is there such an organization that understands both medicare and medicaid and how htey intertwine? I am in the stat of Utah.

  • Cheryl Smith says:

    I am moving my mother from Idaho to here to a nursing home facility. Is there a waiting period before she can apply for Medicaid? Her Medicare has been used and we only have funding for 3 more months.

  • Danelle says:

    Is it true that medicaid and medicare in the state of utah no longer covers dental work??

  • Ivonne says:

    from what i understand is that medicaid still covers children but not adults dental work

  • ashlei says:

    Does Utah medicad cover pregnant women if they get married during half of the pregnancy? Will they still cover the baby hospital expenses up untill the baby is born?

  • ryan nielsen says:

    Is there medicaid help available for a married 15 year old couple with a baby living with relatives?

  • jan knotts says:

    I am planning to move to Utah from Missouri, to be near 2 of my sons who live there. I am on disability and receive medicaid. Currently I live in an Assisted Living Facililty. This has not been a good experience. I would much rather have ‘home care’. I’m not sure what is involved, or how to make a smooth transition state to state. Due to the estent of my illnesses it is wise that I live near a family member.
    Thank you,
    Jan knotts

  • Patsy says:

    If a person has medicare as primary insurance and also has medicaid benefits, does this cover non-emergency medical transportation. I know that medicare only pays for emergency transportation. If a person is going to a Medicaid covered service does it also pay for the medical transportation. I know there is a medicaid/medicare rollover, but what medicaid benefits are paid if it is secondary insurance.

  • Seniors whose Medicare Advantage plan is being discontinued “will automatically be enrolled in original Medicare for hospitalization and out-patient coverage, [but] they wouldn’t have prescription coverage or Medigap supplemental insurance that picks up what Medicare doesn’t pay for” unless they choose a new plan

  • Kent Tagge says:

    I have had Medicaid for about 2 years through Select Access. When I went to the orientation I heard every person in the room say it took them about 3-6 weeks to get their Medicaid. It took me 6 months! I was diagnosed with some polyps and tumors that were growing into my frontal bone from my sinuses. I heard that this condition can kill you if surgery and other treatments are not done ASAP. It is now over 1 year since my initial surgery but all of the tumors/polyps are back as shown by the CT scan and the surgeons office. My case initially was approved by a medical REview and I was told if I am unable to work I would not lose Medicaid. I have had 4 case workers and I just fond out who my current one is. I am due for my review and my new case worker told me that my previous case worker should have never extended my Medicaid for another year. I am currently being treated for several fairly major condition and cannot afford to haver to stop these if my current case worker will not extend my Medicaid for another year. I just found this out and found my case worker after searching because I called my old case worker and his phone line had been disconnected. I was told to contact this lady who is my new case worker. Nobody ever told me my case worker had changed. Had I know that there was the possibility that I would lose my Medicaid Select Access, I would have researched my other options. I am unable to work due to a destroyed spine, and loss of function of both of my legs. I am really scared because the surgeon told me the polyps/tumors are back and they need to be taken care of or they can grow int the brain and cause death. does anybody know if there is a Director of the Medicaid services and/or an Executive Director of Medicaid who will accept a letter or email from me? I am totally confused wy they would not give me more time to look not something else, especially since I am currently being treated for several major conditions. Does anybody know who I can contact or possible notify about me losing my Medicaid at such a bad time? Has anybody tried to get
    Social Security Insurance? How long does it take to hear back from them with an answer? Can a short form be filled out that will give one some kind of answer regarding the chances of qualifying for this type of insurance. I am noble to work and I am still shocked that a case worker can just stop one’sMedicaid just like that because I was not told by my other case worker that I should have filed for another type of insurance. Any help advice?

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