South Carolina Medicaid: How to Get Approved for SC Medicaid

If you are interested in applying for South Carolina Medicaid, you will need to first contact the South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Before you do, however, it helps to understand more about the Medicaid program and which groups are eligible for coverage. Medicaid is a federal and state program which offers medical coverage for individuals and families who cannot afford it and meet the requirements as determined by the state of South Carolina. Every state has its own particular rules and regulations regarding the Medicaid program.

Groups who may be eligible for South Carolina Medicaid include pregnant women, women who have been diagnosed with breast and/or cervical cancer, senior citizens, blind and/or disabled individuals, children, low income families and individuals who require long term hospital or home health care. The income requirements for each particular group vary. For example, pregnant women and infants who need Medicaid coverage are eligible as long as they meet the requirement of up t0 185% of the federal poverty level which adds up to $3184 for a family of four.

Low income families, for example, need to meet the FI or Family Independence criteria but do not receive cash payments from the program. The gross income of the family must be 185% or less of the Family Independence requirement which comes to $1541 for a family of four. Children under 19 years of age may be eligible for Medicaid if their family has income equal to or less than 150% of the federal poverty level. As you can see, different groups have different eligibility requirements.

When you are ready to apply for South Carolina Medicaid, you will need to get an application from your local South Carolina Health and Human Services office. After filling out the application, you will need to make an appointment with a caseworker at which time you will be required to provide all applicable documentation and verification as outlined by the department.

You should receive a list of what you will need to provide in order for your application to be processed. If you are unsure, simply contact the office nearest you. The workers there can provide you with application assistance and answer your questions about the South Carolina Medicaid program.

3 Responses to South Carolina Medicaid: How to Get Approved for SC Medicaid

  • Shelly Jamison says:

    I can’t afford to put my husband on my insurance at mywork because I don’t make that much money. My husband need some type of primary care Dr. so he can go to the Dr.when he is hurting. beside the VA hospital. What can I do? I think he need medicadicard so he can go to the DR. tellme what to do????

    IN need of help

  • Sandra Essick says:

    Having a debate with a friend,I said you could not own a home and qualify for Medicaid. Another argument was if you are in a nursing home and all you Medicarehas been used up and the only assects you have is your home can Medicare for the hospital sell it to help pay off your balace that was left owing when you pass away ?
    Thanks for your help, This turned into a heated argument.


    Sandra Essick

  • Jenetta Evans says:

    My grandmother is here visiting me from South Carolina and she mistakenly left her medicaid home and need to see a doctor immediately. What shall I do? Will the emergency room be able to find my grandmother information on the computer?


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