New Jersey Medicaid Overview: A Look at the New Jersey State Medicaid Program

For starters, everyone needs medical insurance. With it, you will be able to get the necessary medical treatment you need even without having the cash for it. One kind of medical assistance that many Americans are benefiting from today is called the Medicaid.

Created by the congress in 1965, Medicaid continues to provide health care and financial assistance to low income families all over the United States. This particular government program is a federal and state partnership that was originally designed to give cash as part of the nation’s welfare program. However, as the program expanded, the eligibility, requirements and also the rules for getting financial assistance through Medicaid changed.

If you are part of the low income population in New Jersey, you will find that getting a Medicaid is easy as long as you have the necessary requirements for it. It is important that you should be able to meet these requirements in order to qualify for getting the protection and benefits of the New Jersey Medicaid program.

You also need to remember that laws regarding their Medicaid program differ from state to state. This means that before you move to another state with the hope of getting Medicaid, you first need to know about the law that concerns the eligibility for obtaining Medicaid. Here is a brief overview of what you need to know about the Medicaid program offered by the State of New Jersey.

The first qualification is that you should be a resident of New Jersey. Secondly, you need to be a US citizen or a qualified alien. However, in New Jersey, alien or immigrants who arrived after August 22, 1996 are barred or not allowed to get the Medicaid program for a span of five years. This means that if you are an alien living in New Jersey, you need to stay for about five years as a qualified alien before you can become qualified for the Medicaid program.

Another qualification factor that you need in order to qualify in the New Jersey Medicaid program is that you need to meet the standards for financial income and your other resources. Usually, low income families are targeted by the Medicaid program and if you belong to one of these families, you will be able to qualify for the benefits and protection that Medicaid in New Jersey offers.

Adding to all these things is that you have to fall into one of the categories in order to qualify for the Medicaid program.

The first is that you have to have a family that has children aged up to 18 years old. You will also qualify if you are aged, permanently disabled or blind. Pregnant women are also qualified for this program especially if they belong to low income families. Lastly, children belonging to low income families are also qualified for this program.

So, if you are a person who falls in one of the mentioned categories, you will be able to get qualified for the Medicaid program in New Jersey.

With it, you will see that financial assistance during medical emergencies and other medical situations will be easier to get. Medicaid will be able to help you with your medical needs without leaving a burden in your pocket. Just take note of the requirements and complete all the paperwork needed and you will be able to become qualified for the New Jersey Medicaid program.

13 Responses to New Jersey Medicaid Overview: A Look at the New Jersey State Medicaid Program

  • nj19 says:

    how do i find NJ Medicaid Formulary Drug list to see what drugs are on formulary and what is not covered? thanks for the help.

  • Rosemary Simmons says:

    I am an R.N.,a certified school nurse working for a school in Middlesex County- Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies.
    One of our students is in need of an orthopedic doctor that is willing to accept Medicaid.
    Can you help me to find one?
    The student lives in Edison,N.J.
    Thank you for your’e time and trouble.
    Rosemary Simmons

  • ann stern says:

    how much home care does medicaid pay for for elderly participants?

  • Joanne Robbs says:

    For a severely disabled person, why can’t they get more than25 hours a week Home Care. The Mother of this person is disabled and needs help for more hours than 25 hours a week.I wonder if she was black of hispanic she would get it though.

  • Donna Zieminski says:

    I was just approved for general assistance medicaid and after waiting 21 days I just found out my medicines I take for COPD are not covered. I don’t understand this at all! Am I just supposed to drop dead because I can no longer breath properly? Where is the list of what medicare covers and why don’t they cover medication for serious health issues? PLEASE answer me.

  • Francisca Washington says:

    My son is 24 years old and suffers with seizures, he is currently unemployed and has no health insurance and is not on medication. He has applied for jobs, but has no success with the hiring process. He has been employed, but the minute he has a seizure on the job, the employer suddenly lays him off. I need help he currently not on any medication and has been have seizures. Please direct me to some health.

  • Mary Neis says:

    My mom is 59 and just finished chemo. She is on temp. disability until Dec. Any ideas to go from here for coverage WILL help greatly. She is also getting dads partial social (deceased) in May but will have no coverage. ANY IDEAS??


  • Kerry says:

    How do I find a NJ Medicaid Formulary list to see what is covered and what is not?

  • Beverly Zaccherio says:

    What are the financial requirements for medicaid in NJ? My father in-law is running out of money; living in asst. living facility that accepts medicaid; doesn’t have LTC insurance; what requirements are involved for him to be accepted into medicaid;

  • stacy sigwanz says:

    My mother is 83 and living on only her ss and small pention totaling about 1000.00 month how can I getn her signed up for Medicaid ; and what are the benefits to being signed up for this program; she recently took a fall and is in the hospital and will need to go to rehab, as well as either to a assisted living facility or nursing home

  • susan riley says:

    How can I access the NJ medicaid Formulary?

  • victor soto says:

    would i qualified for medicaid if i own a house? In my case my line of poverty is low and the house is my primary only.Please help me with this info .Thanks

  • Wanda Rodriguez says:

    I had a very dear friend that was on long term disability and Medicaid/Medicare for many years due to breast cancer. She unfortunately passed away 2/14/2011. She died without a will, her estate has no money and her house will be going into foreclosure.Her family told me they received a letter from Medicaid/Medicare stating that her Estate would have to pay back all the monies given to her after age 55. She died 9 days short of her 57th birthday. Could you explain how this is possible and how, even if she had a will that these monies could ever be paid back. I just don’t understand and I am inquiring for my own information as wel.. Thank you for your help.

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