Low Cost Health Policies In Florida Could Help Other States

Governor Charlie Christ, Florida’s Governor has been traveling throughout Florida from one end of the state to the other to sign a groundbreaking bill that will offer low-cost insurance to low income individuals and families throughout the state.  The policies will be stripped down, but will still cover the necessities. 

At this time 21% of Florida’s residents are uninsured, and the bill will help them immensely.  At this rate of uninsured residents, Florida is the fourth highest ranking uninsured state in the country.  The Governor is most excited about the new insurance bill because of what he feels is one of its best features: it will not cost taxpayers a cent.  To be able to provide insurance coverage for those in need and save the taxpayers money is a stunning feat.

Because budgets in most states throughout the country are strained, at best, the states are looking at Florida’s innovative ideas regarding insurance coverage for those who need it most.  States are looking to Florida to see how – and if – this can truly work, and whether the plans can work without creating any costs for taxpayers.

Some states are looking at lowering the cost of healthcare rather than covering the uninsured, which may be less expensive on one hand for the states considering this way of dealing with the issue, however, it could actually cost states more because most states have laws that state that hospitals must treat everyone, regardless of whether or not they have insurance coverage or the cash or credit to pay for treatment.  As a result, rather than states spending a smaller amount on outpatient services to keep people healthy, they are having to provide much more expensive hospital expenses when people’s conditions become acute and their only remedy is rushing to the emergency room.

Florida is trying to deal with the short term and the long term by covering people and making services available so that they are able to stay healthier and avoid catastrophic health issues, therefore saving the state, the taxpayers and the hospitals substantial amounts of money.

It will be interesting to see how Florida’s new system of covering low income uninsured individuals and families turn out.  If Florida is successful n this endeavor, and since it is the state with the fourth highest uninsured rate in the country, their success could lead the way to help people in need of insurance coverage in other states throughout the country.   

2 Responses to Low Cost Health Policies In Florida Could Help Other States

  • robert minaker says:

    i dont like mediced ins they refuse to ok my sugery i need this soon or i will die surguary on my arterys i had open heart in feb 29 they ok that they waisted that money im going to die soon if i dont get this soon surgury very thanks i will be wating to here from you robert minaker 727/264 /6088 bigduke39@yahoo.com i need help very soon

  • poor single mom says:

    Florida has ruined my chances of ever being able to obtain health care. I work full time at just above minimum wage and they have given me a share of cost “LETTER” that states that if I meet this share of cost every month I will have medicaid for the rest of the month. Well if the medicaid office could process this monthly payment of out of pocket medical expenses than maybe I could find a doctor that would take it!! Its a shame even more because doctors that could take me with no insurance wont take me because of this LETTER I received about share of cost. I have not received ANY healthcare since I applied for medicaid again which I previously had a few years ago. I know this is their final way to keep people from receiving benefits by being the ones that control the processing of timely monthly payments to obtain the medical coverage.

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