Florida Medicaid Offers Asset Preservation Program

Medicaid, like most federally funded programs, has a lot of programs to help you qualify for the coverage as long as you meet certain guidelines.  Once these guidelines have been met your coverage will kick in and you will be in good shape.  One such guideline is that your assets must drop to a certain limit before you can receive federal and state aid from Medicaid.

Florida Medicaid offers “asset preservation” courses and seminars to people who could qualify but don’t based on current requirements.  These courses will show the individual how to reorganize their assets in order to meet the pre-determined Medicaid requirement for personal assets.  If you believe that you or a loved one would qualify then you should seek out the service through Florida Medicaid.

One important thing to remember about your assets is the amount of gifts that you give in the period before applying for Medicaid.  Many elderly people give gifts to family to help pay for large purchases.  These can be detrimental to enrollment and should be discussed with a Medicaid expert before being completed.

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