Florida Medicaid and Eligibility for Pregnant Women

As Medicaid was established to help low income families obtain health insurance coverage there are stipulations for people in certain situations.  One of those that is of interest to the government and society as a whole is pregnant women and how they are covered.  Here is a look at a program in Florida called SEPW (Simplified Eligibility for Pregnant Women).

A pregnant woman with or without children may be eligible for Medicaid if she:

  • Has gross income for the family under 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), this may not be easy for you to calculate but it will be done for you when you apply.  There is no harm in applying and being denied, at least you will have tried.
  • Provide proof of pregnancy with a due date from a doctor, nurse, or midwife.  This is to establish that you being pregnant is not a hoax to get coverage but that you are definitely having a baby.
  • Provide verification of citizenship, identity (if a U.S. citizen), and other verifications such as income, if requested.  Basically when you are getting assistance from the government you should be prepared to bring any number of documents.  Remember that you are getting access to a coverage that otherwise may not have been available to you and you should be thankful.

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