Alaska Medicaid Program: An Overview of Eligibility for Medicaid in Alaska

Medicaid is an assurance in life that most people need and want. Besides, with Medicaid, you will have access to cheap medical care. And, the sole fact that the cost of health care is very expensive nowadays, you too would want to have some sort of financial help when it comes to paying your medical bills.

There are health insurance policies from private companies that you can purchase, but what if you can’t afford it? What if you are one of the people living in Alaska who don’t earn a lot of cash? With Medicaid, you can be sure that you will be covered even if you have a significantly low household income. In fact, Medicaid is a state and federal government program that entitles people with low income for health insurance.

Another fact about Medicaid is that this program is primarily designed to give low income citizens with health insurance.

Although Medicaid was created by the federal government, it is mainly administered by the state government. What this health insurance program does is that it provides financial medical assistance to low income individuals and families. Even the elderly, the disabled, and children living with low income families can be qualified for Medicaid.

However, convenient as Medicaid may seem, you have to understand a few facts about Medicaid. Firstly, you need to qualify for the standards set by the federal government. Although there are some variations on the eligibility rules and requirements set by the state government, it mainly follows the standards set by the federal government regarding Medicaid.

In Alaska, you also need to understand that the eligibility rules and requirements are quite different from other states in terms of the maximum income levels and the benefits it can offer to each category of individuals. For example, the maximum benefits and the maximum allowable income level for individuals are quite different for families receiving Medicaid assistance. The rules and requirements to become eligible for Medicaid are also different in pregnant women and the disabled.

In the past, Medicaid in Alaska began as a health insurance program to pay for health care for low income people who are unable to work, such as the blind, the elderly, children and single parent families. However, over the years, there have been changes in the rules and eligibility requirements where the program now covers a broader range of people. For example, even children and pregnant women are now allowed or may now become eligible for Medicaid assistance. In fact, the income rule doesn’t even apply for these two groups of people anymore. What this means is that even if the child or the pregnant woman is living in a household that produces income levels that are significantly higher than what is stated on the rule or requirement, they may be able to get financial assistance through Medicaid.

Most Alaskans who cannot afford expensive care provided by an institution, such as a nursing home care are now able to qualify for Medicaid provided that they meet certain income requirements.

To apply for Medicaid in Alaska, you may need to contact the Division of Public Assistance near the area where you live. They will be able to provide you with useful information regarding the application process and also about the eligibility requirements in order to qualify for Medicaid.

You have to remember that the rules and requirements for Medicaid in Alaska, like in other states, constantly changes. So, it is quite important that you should check with your state first regarding the rules and requirements that you need to fit into in order to qualify for the Medicaid health care program.

2 Responses to Alaska Medicaid Program: An Overview of Eligibility for Medicaid in Alaska

  • Deborah White says:

    I am a biller for Anderson County Hospital in Garnett, Kansas. I need to check eligibility with Alaska medicaid for a patient who came in last weekend. He did not have a copy of a card with him or a beneficiary ID number. Where would I check online to verify his eligibility and find out how to bill to Alaska Medicaid if he is eligible. Thank you,

  • Sorry for the tardiness but I just saw this question: The State of Alaska Eligibility Verification System’s # is 1-800-884-3223.

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