How do I enroll in Medicare as Federal Employee?

Enrolling in Medicare is a very important part of retirement that you must take care of as soon as possible when retirement looms.  You don’t want to take any chances with a lapse in coverage that could cost you lots of money from your wallet.  So you need to enroll in Medicare right away and the best way to do that is when you become eligible.

Federal employees don’t really have any other stipulations than that of the general public when it comes to enrolling in Medicare.  You should still call the Social Security Administration when nearing Medicare enrollment and ask for any information you need.  No special perks or benefits are available for you to ask about, just ask about enrolling in your coverage.

If you visit the website for the Office of Personnel Management you can get some great tips on how federal employees should enroll.  The same benefits that are available to everyone else are available to you.  It is recommended that you study up on the benefits of the different parts of Medicare to be prepared for enrollment.

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