Medicare Doesn’t Cover Custodial Care

It can sometimes be a very intimidating and frustrating process to try to care for your loved one when they are ill or elderly. It makes it much easier when Medicare covers the type of situation that your loved one is in and this is why it is hard if your loved one needs “custodial care”. This term is covered below in the exact wording as it is defined by Medicare.

“CUSTODIAL CARE: Custodial care refers to non-skilled, personal care, such as help with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, eating, getting in or out of a bed or chair, moving around, and using the bathroom. It may also include care that most people can do themselves, like using eye drops. Medicare doesn’t cover custodial care.”

Generally it is accepted that this type of care can be covered by the loved one’s family or by hiring a general nurse to care. The Federal Government does not feel the need to foot the bill for this type of care.

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