Medicare Helps Early Retirees with New Program

Retiring can be scary sometimes because of the unknowns involved with finances and health insurance, in addition to just staying healthy.  The good thing for people that are in this boat at this point in time is that things are being done to help you and your situation.  Medicare is evaluating the services that it provides to the retired participants in order to try to help make the transition a little less troublesome.

To help offset the cost of employer-based retiree health plans, the new law creates a program to preserve those plans and help people who retire before age 65 get the affordable care they need.  This helps to benefit the people who have worked a long life in a career that they thought would help them when retirement age hit.  These people weren’t treated as they should and Medicare has put in stipulations to help.

If you are not yet 65 and have retired and are in need of this service you should contact your Medicare provider or the Social Security office.  Don’t let help that is available to you go by the wayside because you simply didn’t ask about it.  Ask around for what you can get covered and take the most options that are available to you to get through this time.

4 Responses to Medicare Helps Early Retirees with New Program

  • george del valle says:

    Its a good thing,that this gives people an Idea.

  • Mary Hoehn says:

    I need dental coverage that I can use very soon. I have an income of $833 a month, rent $540.00 . I have talked with a couple of dentist in Madison and they donot acept medicare or medicd.


    Thank You

  • howardski says:

    it is good and bad. bad because someone has to pay for it. good because people who retired early expecting their equities, or home values to pay for their retirement have bankers and weak polititions to thank and the worst part is nothing much will ever be done to punish those guys.

  • Beth in Maine says:

    When, then, will we see medicare providing services for anyone of retirement age, regardless of their at-retirement age? If my husband retires at 64, he’s penalized.

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