Medicare Begins Offering Better Access to Care

Regardless of your take on new health care legislation it is hard to argue that some of the changes that health insurance companies are making are bad. Some of the options that are being offered for the future by Medicare and other insurance companies or plans are simply too good to be true. The following is a few of the ways in which Medicare is changing to offer you better care with the changes in health care next year.

  • Your choice of doctor will be preserved as you have had throughout your Medicare experience. This will not change because it is a very good thing to build a medical history with someone that knows you and your situation.
  • The law increases the number of primary care doctors, nurses, and physician assistants to provide better access to care through expanded training opportunities, student loan forgiveness, and bonus payments. Any time that the government encourages more help from the health care community it is a good thing.
  • Support for community health centers will increase, allowing them to serve some 20 million new patients. The more access that you get to good care the better your situation will ultimately become with regards to your health.

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