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Medicaid is often tougher to get the answers that you want from than is Medicare because it is a program that is run more on a state than federal level.  On the surface this may not seem like a huge change, but it does make a big difference because there are 50 different answers rather than just one.  However, some answers still do make sense because of the complex relationship between the state and federal levels for Medicaid.

If you weren’t aware, the state pays for part of your Medicaid coverage and the other part is paid for by the federal government to your state.  This makes it to where Medicaid must respond in kind to some issues as opposed to others.  Here is one question answered from the Medicare main site that could help you.

“If my prescription drugs are now paid for by my state Medicaid program, will Medicaid still pay for drugs I take that aren’t covered by Medicare prescription drug coverage (such as sleeping pills or prescription vitamins)?

If the State covers that kind of drug for people who get Medicaid but don’t have Medicare, then Medicaid must still cover that drug for you. You need to check with your state Medicaid program to see if it will cover a drug not covered by Medicare.”

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