What Are Your Options if You Have Medicare?

When you become eligible for Medicare at age 65 or because of a disability, you will automatically receive original Medicare benefits. 

Something you may not realize is that depending upon the state you live in, you may be entitled to two other choices.  These choices provide more coverage for issues that original, basic Medicare does not cover.

One choice is Original Medicare with supplemental insurance, such as a Medigap or retiree plan.  The other choice is a Medicare Private Health Plan, also known as a Medicare Advantage Plan, such as a Health maintenance Organization (HMO), a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), a Point of Service Plan (POS), a Provider Sponsored Organization (PSO), a Private Fee For Service Plan (PFFS), a Special Needs Plan (SNP) or a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA).

All of these plans provide various forms of coverage that is different than original Medicare.  In addition to these plans, Medicare Part D is available to cover prescription drugs.   If you are covered by original Medicare, it is important that you find additional coverage that will work well with your coverage.  Often, a stand-alone prescription plan that only covers drugs (PDP) is the best choice.
A Medicare private health plan can be obtained to fulfill the health plan’s benefit package that covers drugs.  If you join a PFFS without drug coverage or an MSA,  you can get stand-alone drug coverage.

Regardless of which type of plan you decide on and depending upon what is available to you where you live, it is essential that you research available plans and coverage and decide what will be the best for your situation.

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  • Jean Martin says:

    I have spoken to a scooter store rep. who ,hopefully will call me back tomorrow, as time is of the essence. I was told by this rep. that I qualified to have a highback electric scooter paid for by medicare. I only needed one Dr.’s signature, and my physical therapist could fill out the paper work. My Dr. refused to sign, saying that he’s seen it before,in that medicare will not pay for it.
    So I have a call into my neurologist, to see if he will sign. My question, is there ANY conern that medicare won’t pay? I had a severe surgery and I am on disability and below poverty level,
    unless I get a miracle. Thank you

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