Medicare Will Offer Better Chronic Care in 2011

Chronic care is a very important part of Medicare because of its relation to the patients that actually use Medicare and rely on its opportunities to stay healthy.  As part of the initiative to improve health care in the last year Medicare has made some changes to how they treat chronic care, which can only be good for patients.  Here are two things that will change to improve the service that is offered to patients that rely on Medicare.

  • Community health teams will provide patient-centered care so you won’t have to see multiple doctors who don’t work together.   This is a great move by Medicare to try to reduce the confusion involved with chronic care services.  The more you can see the same people during a health crisis the better off you will ultimately be.
  • If you’re hospitalized, the new law also helps you return home successfully, and avoid going back, by helping to coordinate your care and connecting you to services and supports in your community.  Getting your community involved in your recovery is a great idea because people identify with the people they know.  You are much more likely to get better and take advice from the people that you know.

One Response to Medicare Will Offer Better Chronic Care in 2011

  • Mary says:

    Does Medicare pay for Home Health Care for a Patient who has Cancer,
    and needs to have the Mediport Flushed Monthly?
    This would help the Patient who travels a 100 mile Round Trip, merely to
    have their Meidport Flushed!!
    I see nothing about this Service being provided on Medicare, part A, B, & D.

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